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Past EventsDaring Adventures in E-learning Workplace E-learning Congress

Friday 14 October,  2011
9am–5pm, Grand Chancellor, 131 Lonsdale St, Melbourne

ElNet and ACPET are partners for this Congress. Find out about our place in E-learning to set the scene for today.

  • Michael Gwyther. elearning director, yum productions & President, ElNet; and Maria Langwell, ACPET Executive Officer for Victoria and Tasmania
  • Invisible armies or just new tanks: the rise or fall of e-learning - Clint Smith, Learnworks
  • eLearning traps to avoid & Scoping a project - Rodney Beach, Liberate eLearning    
  • Building simulated learning experiences in 3D virtual worlds - Dr Stefan Schutt and Dale Linegar, Work-based Education Research Centre at Victoria University   
  • Creative possibilities for mobile content delivery - Simon Goodrich, Portable
  • Stories to Promote Meaning and Engagement - Erin McCuskey, yum productions
  • Engaging ergonomics and manual handling - Steve Grocott, 9 lanterns
  • Workplace simulation == Learner Stimulation - Andy Bloye. Aspin Group
  • Getting economies of scale from your E-learning budget - Dean Saunders, ECreators   
  • Take away panel.

Daring Adventures in E-learning

Past EventsTwo Sydney Masterclasses with Clark Quinn

Deeper instructional design: making e-learning really work

Half day workshop, Mon 30 May 2011 12.30–5.00pm:

Games?“ seriously? Seriously!

Full day workshop, Tues 31 2011 May 9.00 to 5.00pm:
Fuji Xerox Epicenter, Australian Technology Park, Eveleigh (Redfern) Sydney

A leading innovator in strategic learning technologies for over three decades, Clark is returning to Australia for a short visit.

ClarkQuinnKnowing that Clark offers a rare mix - a deep background in the learning sciences combined with wide experience in on-the-ground technology applications – ElNet is delighted to present two exclusive workshops.

Clark is the author of two key works on e-learning:

Designing mLearning: tapping Into the mobile revolution for organizational performance.

Populating the LearnScape: eLearning as Strategy.



Past EventsMelbourne Masterclass with Clark Quinn


Mobile Description- Mobile e-Learning

Melbourne Master Class- Monday 25th July, 9am to 5pm
Hotel Grand Chancellor, 131 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne  


Increasing numbers of workers are mobile, more people have cell-phones than have internet access, and smaller and more powerful devices are coming faster and faster. Is this just the flavour of the month, or is it a real opportunity? Mobile devices are here and do offer real opportunities, but to take advantage of the opportunity, you need to think differently.


ClarkQuinnIn this workshop, participants will work through definitions of the devices, experience mobile learning examples, get concrete about designing for mobile learning and performance, and explore the tools and trade-offs in developing mobile solutions. Using a variety of ways of thinking about it, you'll get some concrete conceptual models about mobile learning, and experience using those models to develop solutions.

You’ll leave with: practical ways to support the mobile workforce now, the ability to think strategically about coming mobile opportunities, and ways to capitalize on organizational initiatives and implement them in ways that overcome organizational barriers. Come along on a journey to your future. It's coming faster than you think. In this session, you will learn:


  • A trend-independent perspective on mobile devices
  • How to draw from a repertoire of examples to meet needs
  • A suite of frameworks to empower your mobile solutions
  • How to match learning need with potential tools and solutions

Past EventsElNet's Workplace E-learning Congress

Sydney, Friday March 11, 2011
Simpler, faster, cheaper: new opportunities for cost-effective e-learning

Our popular one-day Workplace E-learning Congress returned to Sydney in early 2011. The major theme is the emergence of cleverer, more agile, more affordable e-learning solutions, including:

  • flexible hosted services
  • no-fuss, JIT implementation approaches
  • rapid development tools
  • social networking
  • low-cost digital media options.



Past EventsElNet Informal E-learning Congress

Friday 9 July 2010, Rendezvous Hotel, 328 Flinders Street, Melbourne


Welcome and setting the scene
Andy Bloye | Aspin Online, ElNet Executive


Formalizing Informal E-learning 
Steve Case | Q2Learning (USA) Joining via webinar


Steve will share with you some of the important things he has learned about how to weave together formal and informal learning into social learning solutions in other words, formalized informal learning. Steve has more than 30 years of training and Adult Education experience, with over 12 of those in technology based training (or E-learning).


The World is Open: Introducing the heroes, gurus and revolutionaries of the Shared Internet (Workshop)
Curt Bonk | Indiana University (USA)


In his new book, The World is Open, Curt Bonk reviews the 10 technology trends he calls "educational openers" which form the basis of his WE-ALL-LEARN framework. There are thousands of people who have led the way for each one of these trends - these are the heroes, gurus and revolutionaries of the shared Internet.


In this session Curt spotlights the ideas and stories underlying each trend. These anecdotes help to personalize and contextualize global technology events that are otherwise too overwhelming or frustrating to keep track of. He also outlines some of the technology tools, resources and services emerging with each opener to radically transform education and training. He addresses questions about quality, openness, copyright and training in this free and open world of learning. He also looks to the future and where it all may eventually lead.


The Freedom to Learn
Nicole White | Senior Learning Designer, A.S.K Learning
The very definition of informal learning is based around self-discovery, an almost organic method of knowledge and skill transfer. Many organisations have struggled with trusting their learners to fend for themselves in the learning domain  despite clearly trusting them as employees to carry out their day-to-day work tasks.
Research over the last 10 years has told us that it is the tacit knowledge held by our industry experts that provides the undisputed competitive edge to an organisation. So how can we create an environment conducive to drawing out this knowledge and capturing it with as little interference as possible to ensure it isn't lost by being over-formalised?


The Business of Informal Learning
Marc Niemes,| thinkelearning.com


If over 70% of learning is informal, what leverage can you obtain from the experience of others to apply within your own organisations? Marc will present seven strategies to ensure you harness the power of informal learning and avoid the most common pitfalls to widespread adoption.
This session will be a mix of international content coupled with local research. Leveraging over 100 hours of personal interviews of e-learning professionals from such events as Educa Berlin 2009, Elearning Korea 2009, and China World Expo Elearning Delegation 2010. Locally we will draw upon information from the Corporate Elearning Census of 2009, E-learning in Australian Associations, as well as work within the Australian Franchise Industry.


I want it NOW! Synchronous learning in a connected world
Mike Addicott | Director Education Services Tutoring Australasia
The evolution of e-learning means that it is no longer just delivery of online courses and materials with some type of back-end reporting via an LMS or other mechanism. Tutoring Australasia deliver synchronous e-learning in an on-demand, online classroom that provides close to 100,000 live one-on-one tutoring sessions per year to students across schools and tertiary education.
This supports both formal and informal learning for students with diverse learning styles. Mike will discuss the changing expectations of the Digital Natives in this "I want it now" world that we live in.


Promises, Promises: Getting real with Web 2.0 in Aussie companies
Karli Furmage | Go Global Innovation
Karli Furmage from Go Global will demonstrate how companies are going beyond the hype and making online collaboration and learning drive business results. Karli will share learnings from some of Go Global's clients including Krispy Kreme, Grill'd and OPSM.
The ElNet Conference "Take Away" Panel Session


Past EventsElNet Blended Learning Congress

Congress Session Material now available: